Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance

WDS's Merchant Cash Advance program, offered in partnership with RapidAdvance, provides a "no hassle" cash advance opportunity for businesses. The WDS advance program allows businesses to obtain working capital based upon their current credit card sales. It is not a loan, as it is simply a purchase of future credit card receivables.

Merchant Cash Advance Programs are designed for small and mid-sized businesses to obtain working capital in various amounts in exchange for the purchase of future credit card receivables. Businesses that are seeking avenues for resources other than the traditional bank loan process can benefit from this program with access to working capital within 5–9 business days. Businesses gain the freedom to run their business the way they want with the money they need for the following:

  • Equipment upgrades and inventory expansion
  • Advertising and promotional spending
  • Expansion and remodeling
  • Debt payments

This program is ideal for businesses to meet their cash needs today with an easy repayment term. The payback is automatically taken from the credit card receivables on a daily basis. Therefore, you do not need to remember to make a payment each month, since the process is automatically handled through WDS for the term of the agreement. Since this is not a loan, the advance is not treated as such, so several benefits include:

  • No points or upfront fees
  • No fixed monthly payments
  • No coupons or checks to write
  • No personal guarantees for repayment
  • No business use restrictions on the funding
  • No hassles - quick application & fast funding
  • No impact on ability to qualify for other financing
  • No security interest taken in home, business, equipment, or inventory

Every business is unique and requires various funds to grow. WDS will work with you to determine the appropriate advance that will provide you with the working capital that you need.