Government and Utility Credit Card Services

Expand your citizen's payment options while improving your customer service and operational costs for managing collections. WDS provides tailored payment solutions that are smart and responsive to government agencies and utility companies needs. WDS supplies government agencies and utilities with superior products, outstanding service, and solutions for revenue collection while controlling expenditures through the acceptance of electronic payments.

We provide government and utility payment processing services that are easy to install and connect to your website, making it convenient for your customers to pay their bills online. Services that could benefit by accepting electronic payment include:

  • Child support and welfare
  • Home health agencies
  • Tax collection
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

WDS's web-based solution, WDS Secure, can assist in managing tax and other bill payments, while providing customers with flexible payment plans tailored to meet their needs and allowing you to collect payments on a timely basis.

WDS Secure features:

  • Web-based payment portal allowing customers to initiate transactions 24/7
  • Payment solution providing both speed and security, offering electronic check payment processing, automatic settlement of transactions, and online reporting
  • Reduction in cumbersome paper-based processes with a simple automated payment monitoring system
  • Reliable and quick settlement with easy reconciliation
  • Simplified collection of taxes and fees with convenience fee option to assist in covering processing costs
  • Check acceptance via the web for bill payment

Convenience Fees

What is a convenience or access fee?

  • A charge, in addition to the amount of the transaction, that a customer pays to a business for the convenience of making a payment through an alternate payment channel, with a credit card, debit card, or even a check via ACH debit.
  • A fee for offering customers another payment option that is separate and in addition to standard payment practices.
  • Available for specific business categories, primarily specific emerging markets where acceptance of electronic payment has not historically been accepted.

General requirements

  • The fee must be disclosed to customers as a charge for alternate payment channel convenience.
  • The fee is typically assessed only in non face-to-face environments; but some exceptions apply in specific industry markets for tax payments which can be face-to-face.
  • The fee may be either a percentage of total payment if it is a tax payment, but must be a flat rate regardless of amount for other payment types. WDS can work with you on specific details of the applicable fee.

The Card Associations (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa) have varying rules on assessing convenience fees. WDS can work with you to make sure you are fully educated on the appropriate methods of such fee assessment.

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WDS can be your consultant regarding the latest technology and tools for Government and Utility debit card and credit card processing.