Payment Services

Recurring Billing Credit Card Processing

Improve your bottom line and customer service while decreasing delinquent payments with recurring billing credit card processing for property management, utility payments, government tax collections and more.

Consumers like knowing that their bills are paid on time without the added stress of having to manually manage them. Households are paying more of their bills online. Sixty-seven percent of households pay an average of 4.4 bill automatically. (source: MasterCard survey)

WDS offers several solutions for recurring billing credit card processing. We make the credit card bill payment process easy for you and your customers to understand. Payment by paper check has decreased 28% from 1999-2006, while 49% of consumers prefer paying their bills by credit or debit card online. (source: MasterCard survey) Offer this convenience and flexibility to your customers today with WDS’s recurring billing credit card processing solutions.

WDS tools, such as WDS Secure and Account Updater, allow you to track additional data fields with each transaction, and will automatically notify you when a card is near expiration. You then simply contact the customer to obtain new card information so that the automated payments can continue uninterrupted.

Take a look at these recurring billing segments:

Property Management
  • Schedule recurring billing through WDS Secure with tenants to improve your cash flow and streamline your payment-related operational costs.
  • Allow tenants to include the property address on the payment record to make back-office reconciliation easier.
Utility Bill Payment
  • Improve customer service and payment timeliness by expanding your options with online bill payment.
  • Include additional data fields with each transaction, including account numbers that can be customized to meet your needs.
Government Tax and Revenue Collections
  • County clerks, motor vehicle bureaus, courts and townships can all take advantage of expanding payment options and simplifying the collection of taxes and fees for easy back-office settlement.
  • Customer convenience fee options can be employed to assist in managing operational costs.

Take advantage of WDS’s online payment processing for recurring billing payments.